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Technology Services

Technology Services

  • Application Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Upgrade Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance

Application Services:

We provide On - demand software (software as service) for various needs. TEK IT Inc has an upper hand in providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software over standard protocols and customized protocols as it operates on fast and affordable servers and believes in quick issue resolution. We cater to small, medium and large businesses. We give meaning to the word cost arbitrage by saving huge end user license costs and lowest downtimes. There are several benefits attached with a properly managed and maintained CRM system, which has made it the buzzword in the business community.

In any business, CRM helps the organization in lots of ways, both in terms of delivery more to the customers and also in terms of gaining more from them. Our solutions will help you provide better customer service, personalize relationships, provide tailored services to customer specific needs, follow up on customer needs and issue resolution, retain customers, explore new customer opportunities, cross sell, up sell and identification of effective points of sale.

Implementation Services:

We help our clients to streamline the existing process to improve service efficiency. 

Experts opine that improving business processes is paramount for businesses to stay competitive in today's marketplace. Over the past years, companies have been forced to improve their business processes because customers, are demanding better and better products and services. And if we do not receive what we want from one supplier, we have many others to choose from (hence the competitive issue for businesses). Many companies began business process improvement with a continuous improvement model. This model attempts to understand and measure the current process, and make performance improvements accordingly.

We offer Business Process Improvement both functional and continuous. By identifying and defining Key processes which have scope for improvement designing an enhanced process retaining the strengths of the existing one and building in more efficiency, implementing, measuring benefits, transferring the technology to our client and offering support when needed, we maintain our edge in Business Process Improvement.

Upgrade Services:

You will never have to disrupt business continuity if you are upgrading with our help. We assure continuous and unfailing access to your software/ hardware during an upgrade. With TEK IT Inc Upgrade Services, your business will never have to put up the down-for-maintenance board.

Staying updated and ahead of competition will require battling complex dynamics of evolving technology landscape. Our well established upgrade model and diverse expertise in various verticals come in various convenient pricing models.

We also have State of the Art upgrade assessment tools to guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction

Application Management Services:

Our Application Management Services will allow you to: 

  • Cut costs while retaining volume
  • Streamline daily processes and address application specific issues
  • Access our highly sophisticated human and non human resources
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Manage cost effectively
  • Optimize internal expenses

Software Development:

Right from planning to deployment and maintenance, TEK IT Inc maintains constant working relationship with the client. We possess expertise on all leading platforms including programming languages and front end development softwares like Java, Visual Basic, C++, C, Developer

Quality Assurance:

When it comes to quality, we do not settle for anything but the best. We do not want your business to do otherwise. TEK IT Inc provides expertise in QA activities for customers who develop their software applications and embedded systems at low cost and high quality.

We help clients for DO-178B certification of their products. We follow Capability Maturity Model (CMM) level 5 standards to deliver highest quality of your products. With the intention of making sure that our clients complete and compete within time and budget constraints, we primarily focus on facilitation, training, audits and QA reviews, to ensure defect free products.

Typically, achieving Level 5 assessment requires additional process improvements; enhancement or development of a project tracking system; establishment of business process capability baselines; quantitative control of processes; and implementation of a process improvement, change management and defects prevention systems. We constantly encourage our employees to constantly improve processes and projects.